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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Beauty Review: HSI 1" Ceramic Flat Iron

Disclaimer: This product has been sent to me by the PR of Omega Global Enterprises, LLC/HSI Professional for review purposes only. I did not get paid to do this post and I am not affiliated with the said company.


This product can be found here: http://shop.hsiprofessional.com/dp/B004VWCEDE

STORE: HSI PROFESSIONAL is an online store where they carry professional heat tools to make our hair more pretty looking! Also they offer FREE SHIPPING in the US on all purchases! I'm eyeing that 4 piece professional curling set but its currently out of stock.

PACKAGING: Here is what it looks when I opened the box. Such a pretty pouch!

It comes with a red pouch, heat protectant glove, argan oil and HSI Professional Ceramic flat iron.

I've been using Argan Oil everyday for the past week and it's been helping my hair look shiny and healthy!


It heats up really fast and I'm glad its Dual voltage, that way when I'm traveling to other countries such as the Philippines, I can bring it with me. I also love the gloves, that way I can avoided being burn - I'm good at burning myself. Haha!

I like how it makes my hair shiny and looking healthy! Every girl needs a good quality flat iron. Nowadays, flat iron is not just to "flatten" or straighten hair, it can now curl or crimp hair.

PRICE: $129  $81.99


I have thin, layered hair. The first layer is long but most of my hair is short so I only need a little time to iron my hair. I have naturally straight hair, some strands are wavy and unruly and since I came back from the Philippines, my hair looked damaged, possibly from always swimming in the pool (chlorine) and heat.

Hair looks shiny and soft!

I miss my long brown hair :( I'm trying to grow it evenly and color it again.

Hope you like this review!


  1. That´s nice! seems to be working well! love your hair ^^ my hair is so damaged hehe. Love the make-up too :D

    1. Thank You Abby!! Ohmy my hair got so much damaged but it got better again, thank Goodness.. don't even need to use the blower anymore :)

  2. I am seriously loving the fierce looking eye liner you've been rocking lately Iyah!

  3. thank you for the info, looks good and ur hair too, my favorite flat iron is the karmin g3 which is amazing and leaves my hair soft, frizz less and very straight. :)

    1. ohyes I have karmin as well, I believe I reviewed that flat iron too :D

  4. i love your eye makeup! could you please do a tutorial? :)

    1. Sure.. I shall try to re-create this look again :D I will try.. i don't remember the step by step because I just went and tried it once. :)

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