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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!!!

Omgggg it's 2014 already!!! I think I started blogging around 2008.. 6 years ago!! Wow.. If only I kept up with blogging and Youtube, maybe I'd be expert with make up now too like the gurus who's so popular now. Hahah :) anyway I just want to share pictures with you guys ^^

Make up used:

== MAC Gold Mode pigment
== MAC Gold Stroke Pigment
== brownish eyeshadow to contour V shaped eyes
== MUFE Duo Mat Powder
== NARS orgasm multiples (blush)
== MAC "Violetta" lipstick

We had a great New Years Eve celebration. Lots of good food and drinks! 

It's almost my birthday again... Aweee in turning 27.. I feel old! Hahaah!

Anyway onto the New Years Resolution.. I didn't do any resolution last year so I thought might as well have a go this year.. I don't put too much pressure on myself. No dieting stuff, no exercise more and stuff because I know I wouldn't be able to keep up with that.. I do however want to challenge myself by:

••• doing the no make up challenge •••

Basically it's no buying of make up for the whole year! (Except: if you ran out of powder/concealer/brow/eyeliner -- coz those are important!) well because I'm a big hoarder of lipstick, blushes and eyeshadow palette, I want to challenge myself on this.

Next one is..

••• no nail polish challenge •••

No buying of nail polish for the whole year.. Now this is difficult because well I love nail polish!!! 

I can't promise anything.. I will try my very best that's for sure hahah!!

Did you do any resolution this year?



  1. I love your blog! I've been reading your posts since I was in high school, blog more please :D

  2. I thought I commented on this post already! I read it when you posted so I'm really late commenting haha Loving the Violetta lipstick on you and these challenges would be difficult for me, but I know you can go far with them! My resolutions are to be positive and grateful. That's it :) I think I saw your bday posts on Instagram? But 27 is still so young! haha ♥ (oh and following your blog under this new account!)


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